Brian Moran | Independent Consultant

Online Technology | Digital Strategy | Project Management
Does this sound familiar?
  • I think my organisation might be missing out on opportunities because we're not sure how to exploit digital media or online technology.
  • I want to understand our customers and beneficiaries better and develop a good relationship with them online.
  • I think we could be more innovative and effective through use of technology but we don't have the in-house capacity or experience.
I can help you in the following ways:
  • Help you decide what approach makes sense for you and your organisation and assist with determining your priorities.
  • Influence your senior management team or board and help you develop a realistic and viable business case for investment.
  • Provide project management support and help implement your plans.
  • Provide you with access to my network of trusted suppliers and associates with specialisms including; market research and insight; video; photography; branding; design; web development; CRM; social media; business strategy.
About me
I'm an independent consultant and project manager. Since 2009, I’ve been helping start-ups, charities, and other organisations in the not-for-profit and cultural sectors to maximise the potential of online and digital media and technology.
I can work for you independently, within your team, or with a close group of associates.
I have experience in the private sector and local government, but my passion lies with organisations that have a strong social cause.
You can find out more about me and things I like to tweet about here!
My involvement can be at the conception or beginning of an idea when you want to brainstorm thoughts or need inspiration, or it may be further down the line when you need help to get going with an idea, or I can work with you to get an existing idea delivered.
Here are some of the practical ways I can help you;


  • Online Strategy

    • Being clear about what the message is; helping you to target, engage, and encourage communication and community between you and those you want to engage with online.
    • Establishing KPIs linked to your organisation's business plan to help you measure success.
    • Developing a digital strategy for online communications.
  • Research and Insight

    • Researching and evaluating how others find out about your organisation online.
    • Carrying out an audit of your existing online reputation and brand.
  • Project Management

    • Helping you build the business case for an idea or project.
    • Requirements gathering and producing a creative brief or specification.
    • Helping you identify and select the right suppliers, and managing an invitation to tender process.
    • Helping you resource and structure your team. I may also be able to supplement your team in an interim role.
Why work with me?
  • I really get technology and its impact at every different layer of your organisational strategy. I can translate your top-level plans or goals into practical digital and technological solutions, using a language that you will understand.
  • I realise my most effective contribution to helping organisations often comes with short bursts of focused activity followed by a smooth handover. Which means I'm not incentivised by making you or your organisation dependent on me.
I'm passionate about the voluntary sector and proud to provide a highly professional service at an affordable price. You can view my case studies and testimonials here, or find out more about me and get in contact using the links below or leaving me a quick message here.
I’m always interested in new ideas or projects. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss any projects or opportunities you’ve got coming up.


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